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Why w126jep? / ¿Por qué w126jep?

  • EN: The name «w126jep» has a very simple explanation. It was my student ID in one of the universities I attended. «W» for the name of the university, «126» a random set of three numbers, «jep» are my initials. I've used it ever since.
  • ES: El nombre de usuario «w126jep» tiene una explicación muy simple. Fue mi nombre de usuario en una de las universidades donde estudié. «W» por el nombre de la universidad, «126» tres números aleatorios, «jep» son mis iniciales. Lo he usado desde entonces.

Background / Historial

  • EN: I was born in May of 1985. I have a Master's in Psychology. I am Hispanic, born on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and have lived in several different places in the U.S. I was raised in Hispanic churches but would often visit English speaking churches. Some of the states I've lived in include: Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, and some others.
  • ES: Nací en mayo de 1985. Tengo una Maestría en psicología. Soy hispano, nacido en la isla del encanto Puerto Rico y he vivido en varios diferentes lugares dentro de los EE.UU. Me crié en iglesias hispanas pero visitaba muchas veces iglesias de habla inglesa. Algunos de los estados donde he vivido incluyen: Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee y algunos otros.

Pathfinders / Conquistadores

  • EN: I have been in different Pathfinder clubs («Club de Conquistadores» in Spanish) since the 1990s. All the clubs I was a member of were Hispanic clubs residing in churches in the U.S. Our material and coursework was always completed in Spanish, although our drilling was done in English, so we could get used to hearing the commands in English and be able to compete in drilling competitions.
I completed all the Pathfinder levels but did not do Master Guide since I went off to college and didn't make it a priority. I did complete the Master Guide afterward, continued to complete the Pathfinder Leadership Award, and now am invested with the Pathfinder Instructor Award. I currently am used by my local conference to go to several Hispanic churches and give training seminars in Spanish and help coordinate the Hispanic clubs since there are no Spanish instructors with appropriate material in the entire conference.
I've been to the international camporee at Oshkosh a few times: in 1999 «Discover the Power», with a club from San Diego; in 2014 «Forever Faithful», with a club from Miami; in 2019 «Chosen», with a club from Dayton, OH
My passion is working with Hispanic clubs within the North American Division, since there is often not enough material or resources available in our native language. While the children and youth have no problem reading, writing, and speaking in either language, the adults (who usually make up all of the staff) are not proficient in English and struggle to teach and work in English.
  • ES: He estado en diferentes clubes de Conquistadores desde los 1990s. Todos los clubes donde era miembro eran clubes hispanos en iglesias dentro de los EE.UU. Todo el material y las tareas se completaban siempre en español, aunque las marchas se hacían en inglés para poder acostumbrarnos a escuchar los órdenes en inglés y poder competir en diferentes competencias de marchas.
He completado todos los niveles de Conquistadores pero no pude completar Guía Mayor porque fui a estudiar en la universidad y no lo hice una prioridad. Sí lo pude completar unos años después, completé la Certificación de Liderazgo de Conquistadores (Guía Mayor Máster), y soy ahora investido con la Certificación de Instructor de Conquistadores (Guía Mayor Máster Avanzado). Actualmente, mi asociación local me utiliza para ir a varias iglesias hispanas y dar seminarios de entrenamiento en español y ayudar a coordinar a los clubes hispanos porque no hay instructores que hablan español con recursos adecuados en toda la asociación.
Fui al campamento internacional en Oshkosh dos veces: en 1999 «Discover the Power [Descubre el poder]», con un club de San Diego; en 2014 «Forever Faithful [Siempre fiel]» con un club de Miami; en 2019 «Chosen [Elegido]» con un club de Dayton, OH
Mi pasión es trabajar con los clubes hispanos dentro de la División Norteamericana porque usualmente no hay suficientes materiales ni recursos disponibles en español. Aunque los niños y los jóvenes no tienen problemas en leer, escribir y hablar en ambos idiomas, los adultos (quienes usualmente componen todo el personal) no dominan bien el inglés y luchan para enseñar y trabajar en inglés.

Clubs / Clubes

  • EN: Here is a list of the clubs I have been a part of:
  • ES: Aquí está una lista de los clubes donde he participado:
  1. San Bernardino Spanish - California
  2. Golden Eagles - Michigan
  3. San Diego Spanish - California
  4. Bradmore Spanish - Florida (as Director)
  5. Hollywood Spanish - Florida (as Director)
  6. Dayton Angels - Ohio (as Director)

Honors / Especialidades

  • EN: The following are honors I have earned, listed first in their respective categories (in Spanish) and then in alphabetical order (also in Spanish).
  • ES: Lo siguiente es la agrupación de las especialidades que he desarrollado, primero en sus diferentes categorías y después en orden alfabético.


Abraham and Sand Art (Florida).png Creation Honor FL.png Hurricanes (Florida).png Church Heritage (Florida).png

Arte domésticas:

Housekeeping Honor.png Laundering Honor.png Nutrition Honor.png

Artes y actividades manuales:

String Art Honor.png Outdated Native American Lore Honor.png Guitars.png Lighthouses.png Plaster Craft Honor.png Music Honor.png Origami Honor.png
Textile Painting Honor.png Glass Painting.png Bridges.png Soapcraft Honor.png Braiding.png Artisan Master.png

Crecimiento espiritual, actividades misioneras y herencia:

Outdated Flags AY Honor.png Christian Citizenship.png Literature Evangelism Honor.png Child Care.png Junior Youth Leadership Honor.png Christian Drama.png Cultural Diversity Honor.png
Personal Evangelism Honor.png Adventist Heritage.png Language Study Honor.png Crisis Intervention.png Sign Language Honor.png Stewardship Honor.png Gods Messenger.png
Christian Grooming and Manners Honor.png Christian Storytelling.png Preach It Honor.png Sanctuary Honor.png Temperance Honor.png Family Life Honor.png Witnessing Master Award.png

Actividades agropecuarias:

Beekeeping Honor.png

Estudio de la naturaleza:

Marine Algae Honor.png Amphibians Honor.png Spiders Honor.png Trees Honor.png Bird Pets Honor.png Cacti Honor.png Animal Camouflage Honor.png
Cetaceans Honor.png Weather Honor.png Environmental Conservation Honor.png Fossils Honor.png Cats Honor.png Fungi Honor.png Insects Honor.png
Worms Honor.png Mammals Honor.png Moths and Butterflies Honor.png Meteorites.png Dogs Honor.png Reptiles Honor.png Rainforests Honor.png
Seeds Honor.png Sharks Honor.png Naturalist Master Award.png

Actividades recreacionales:

Camping Skills I.png Camping Skills II.png Camping Skills III.png Camping Skills IV.png Camp Craft.png Physical Fitness Honor.png Drilling and Marching.png
Backpacking Honor.png Fire Building.png Geocaching Honor.png Tumbling and Balancing Honor.png Outdoor Leadership Honor.png Swimming Beginners Honor.png Knot Tying Honor.png
Orienteering Honor.png Skateboarding Honor (NAD).png Basic Water Safety Honor.png Camp Safety.png Ultimate Disc Honor.png Recreation Master Award.png Wilderness Master.png

Salud y ciencia:

Red Alert Honor.png Brain and Behavior Honor.png Heart and Circulation Honor.png Physics Honor.png First Aid Basic Honor.png First Aid Standard Honor.png Chemistry Honor.png
CPR Honor.png Basic Rescue.png Health and Healing Honor.png Health Master Award.png

Actividades vocacionales:

Communications Advanced.png Outdated Computers Honor.png Outdated Teaching Honor.png Bible Evangelism Honor.png Journalism Honor.png


Adventist Church Heritage Award.png PathfinderEvangelismAward.png

Don't have patch yet / Sin parche todavía

Working On / Desarrollando

To Do List

This is just a space for me to keep a list of things I am working on with the Wiki; where I can keep mentally organized and have a visual on what needs to be completed still. If you have any answers or have already solved some of these issues, please let me know -->

Page Translations

  • Alphabetize ACS Honors in Spanish (using a sort key).
  • Once links and main pages like categories are set up, return to individual honors and complete translations where {{clear}} is used (this is ongoing).

Other Subjects

  • Find out: 1) how to make accented letters be alphabetized correctly; 2) why Homemaking Spanish category does not list its pages and only has index, whereas English version does list its pages; 3) how to make all honors show in sortable list instead of a finite number.
  • Figure out how to do honor sequences with Roman numerals (like the Camping Skills and First Aid series).
  • SAD honors still need to addː
    • Knots Advanced, Textile Modeling, Computer Assembly and Repair