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Complete Option One or Option Two:

1. Option One

a. Complete the Beginners Music Honour.

b. Complete the following:

i. Pass in Grade 5 Practical AMEB, or Trinity College, or Royal School of Music, or Suzuki Graduation Level 3.

ii. Pass in Grade 3 Musicianship or Theory.

c. Submit a list of thirty hymns and/or choruses you can play or sing and be tested on these at random.

2. Option Two

a. Play or sing a scale, and know its composition.

b. Write a scale in both treble and bass clefs.

c. Know a half tone, a whole tone, a third, a fifth, and an octave.

d. Be able to distinguish a march from a waltz, and give the time of each.

e. What is a quarter note? a half note? a whole note? Draw the symbols.

f. Name five great composers and one composition of each, including an oratorio, a piano composition, a song.

g. Play (a hymn), or sing from memory one stanza of thirty hymns or choruses.

h. Play, or sing from memory, one piece of good music.

i. For instrumentalists: play at sight a moderately difficult piece and explain all signs and terms in it.

j. For singers: Show with a baton how to lead a group in singing compositions written in 3/4 and 4/4 time.

k. Define orchestra, and name at least five instruments in an orchestra.