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Master Guide
Master Guide
Master Guide
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General Conference
Year of Introduction

1. Attend and complete a seminar in each of the following ten subjects: (Each seminar must be at least 75 minutes long).

a. How to be a Christian Leader & Leadership Skills

b. Vision, Mission and Motivation

c. Communication Theory and Listening Skills

d. Practical Communication Practices

e. Understanding Teaching and Learning Styles

f. Creativity and Resources Development

g. How to Prepare Effective Creative Worships

h. Principles of Youth and Children’s Evangelism

i. How to Lead a Child to Christ

j. Understanding your Spiritual Gifts

2. Attend a seminar on Risk Management that focus’ on Adventurer and Pathfinder Activities.

3. Attend a Seminar on Child Abuse Prevention

4. Have or earn the following honors

a. Christian Storytelling

b. Camping Skills I, II, III, IV

c. Drilling and Marching

d. Knot Tying

5. Earn two additional honors not previously earned: one from the list below and a skill level 2 or 3 honor from a list provided by your local conference.

a. Crisis Intervention

b. Nutrition

c. Flags

6. Hold a current First Aid & CPR certificate or its equivalent. (Instructor Required)

First Aid

If residing in the United States or another country in which Red Cross instruction is given, satisfactorily pass the Red Cross Examination in Standard First Aid and receive your certificate.

In British countries pass the examination in St. John Ambulance and receive certificate for the same.


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7. Supervise participants through either the Adventurer Curriculum or Pathfinder Investiture Achievement, or teach a Sabbath School class for children ages 6-15, or its equivalent for at least one year. (Candidates under 18 must have a supervising adult).